It’s Not Too Late! Donate Today!

Victor, a Tech Manager for Century Chevrolet, is making a difference in our community. As a graduate of the Family Learning Center and Fairview High School, he received support and acquired skills from the FLC that have not only changed his life but have added value in our community.

Investing in our early childhood, youth, family, and community programs not only changes the world for one, but changes our community for all. Contact us today at http://www.flcboulder to invest in the future!

Give Some Holiday Cheer! It’s not too late!

My name is Nina and while growing up I had the privilege of attending The Family Learning Center in Boulder, Colorado. Things weren’t easy growing up in low income household. The daily struggle that encircled me was a motivation to do everything in my power to make my life better. The staff and volunteers at the FLC were paramount in igniting my potential.

After I graduated from Boulder High School, I continued pursuing my education in the dental field. Currently, I am employed with Dental Aid as a dental assistant. I’m grateful for The Family Learning Center and can honestly say I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t had the opportunity to attend the center. They gave me the skills, belief, and support to become some One. I urge you to consider spreading some holiday cheer by giving an end-of-the-year gift, and It’s not too late. Do it today by visiting

Help bring Joy to a Child’s World!

As we reflect this holiday season, I, Terry, want to share with you about a gift that I was given years ago that continues to give. Growing up in Boulder, I didn’t realize the economic challenges that surrounded me, coming from a low income family. As hard as my parents tried, they just couldn’t seem to get ahead, but were determined to give me the opportunities they didn’t have. So they enrolled me in The Family Learning Center as a preschooler. Little did I know what was packaged in that gift or what the lifetime impact would be. The success of the FLC programs, and the undying support of the staff and volunteers, not only revived hope in our family but have made a profound difference in our community. As a result I have been employed with Walgreens for 19 years and am currently a Head Beauty Advisor. Consider giving a gift this holiday season that keeps giving by investing in One. After all, the Power of One becomes the Power of Many. Outgive your life and help us continue to bring joy to a child’s world! Contact us today.

After the Hustle and Bustle…

After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s nice to stop and take a minute to reflect. This past year has been a great year of progress for not only for each child enrolled in our programs at the Family Learning Center but for many families. The lives that have been empowered are evident in the success stories and those in the making. We are thankful for the collaborative efforts of so many.

As we head into 2012, you can help us start in the new year stronger by making an end-of-the-year contribution to the Family Learning Center. We are $20,000 short in making that happen. Please donate today by visiting It’s not too late! Thanks for taking a minute out of your busy holiday season to stop, reflect and empower children like Sylvia. Thank you!

All Gifts Matter!

Ratika is a beautiful child that wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Her dream started while attending the Family Learning Center’s preschool program. This past year has been amazing in many ways. The success stories of former students of our programs at the FLC, as well as the ongoing success stories “in the making” are immenient. We believe you are a critical part of “our” success and the continued progress that we are making. The FLC is a place where learning takes place and lives are transformed in our ever changing world. As we count down for Christmas and the end of the year is approaching, now matter how much or little, all gifts have a profound impact in supporting these precious children. We are excited to start a new year and hope that you will consider to make an end of the year donation. All gifts matter and benefit these children, families, and programs at the Family Learning Center! We appreciate you being a part of our success stories!

Light up his world this Christmas!

Steven is an ambitious child with a bright future ahead of him. Thanks to the programs at the FLC, each child and family that walks through our doors are empowered with the tools necessary to succeed in school and in life. Just as we wouldn’t want him starting his life in the negative, let’s all work together to start the new year off in the positive. We have $30,000 down and $20,000 left to raise before the end of the year. Every penny that is invested in the FLC goes into the programs that Steven and other kids like him participate in. It’s not too late. Let’s make this happen for Steven and hundreds like him. Light up his world this Christmas and the coming year! Thank you and Happy Holidays! Visit us at .