Why Giving Matters

Arthur Brooks, a well known economist, spoke to a student body at BYU,  and was speaking on the topic of “Why Giving Matters”. In the beginning of his study he was out to prove that people are prosperous because they give. The conclusion of his extensive study found the opposite to be true. People become prosperous when they give. In addition, the studies concluded that when you give you significantly reduce the stress hormones in your brain, which in sum, makes you a happier and more productive person. Your giving matters not only in your happiness and stress reduction in life, but it helps in the happiness and satisfaction in the recipient. How many of us could reduce the stress in our lives this holiday season? Giving is a gift that has no negative side effects. It’s very refreshing! Your giving matters to us! Thank you for considering giving a gift to someone like Maria below, who was given a gift years ago and is now giving back. The gift goes on and on! To give visit www.flcboulder.org today.


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