Help bring Joy to a Child’s World!

As we reflect this holiday season, I, Terry, want to share with you about a gift that I was given years ago that continues to give. Growing up in Boulder, I didn’t realize the economic challenges that surrounded me, coming from a low income family. As hard as my parents tried, they just couldn’t seem to get ahead, but were determined to give me the opportunities they didn’t have. So they enrolled me in The Family Learning Center as a preschooler. Little did I know what was packaged in that gift or what the lifetime impact would be. The success of the FLC programs, and the undying support of the staff and volunteers, not only revived hope in our family but have made a profound difference in our community. As a result I have been employed with Walgreens for 19 years and am currently a Head Beauty Advisor. Consider giving a gift this holiday season that keeps giving by investing in One. After all, the Power of One becomes the Power of Many. Outgive your life and help us continue to bring joy to a child’s world! Contact us today.


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