Congratulations to our 2012 Graduates!

Katherine and Gabi with their family at their Centaurus High School Graduation. Katerine is off to Cornell University and Gabi is off to Harvard University in the fall. They worked hard during high school , had tremenous support from family and were involved in numerous community service projects. They are a true inspirtation and we are so proud.

A special congratulations to all of our graduating high school and college graduates. We wish you well as you begin the next charter in your lives!

Summer can be a time of adventure, fun vacations, and filled with academic enrichments, especially if you are child whose family has the economic means to afford these opportunities.

Research shows that for children living in poverty and without adequate economic resources, summer can be a time of poor nutrition, because there are no school lunches, and a time when these children lose academic ground that they can’t afford lose.This puts them futher behind at the beginning of the new school year.

For 31 years the Famly Learning Center has provided children and youth in need academic and enrichment opportunities over the summer months. In addition, we provide these students with at least one nuritious meal per day. At the end of each summer before our students return to school in the fall we give each child a new backpack and school supplies.

We need and depend on the community’s generousity in sponsorships to cover the cost of providing academic insturction in math, science, language arts, social studies, foriegn language, accreadited classes through Boulder Valley School District and community service opportunities for elementary through high school students.

We hope this summer you will open your hearts and sponsor at least one student at $100.00 per week, $600.00 for six weeks per student and or any other amount that fits in your budget. You can make your contribution at

Thank you for your support and partnership in changing a life and the future!

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